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Computer Scams

DATE & TIME: 04-23-2020 @ 10:00-1;30

LOCATION: Rural Barneston / Rural Firth       

OFFENSE: Computer Scams   

CASE #: 2020-1795 /2020-1796

Two residents, one from rural Barneston and one from rural Firth, called the sheriff’s office to report they had received e-mails from unknown persons attempting to scam them out of money or blackmail them.

The male from rural Barneston stated he received an e-mail fraudulently claiming they had video of him committing an indiscriminate act, demanding $2,000.00 in bitcoins within 24 hours, otherwise the video would be released to their friends and contacts. He knew the attempt was a fraud and notified the sheriff’s office.

The male from rural Firth received an e-mail he initially thought was from an old high school friend. Once he opened the e-mail, he became suspicious due to the poor spelling and grammar, so he decided to notify the Gage County Sheriff’s Office. He told an investigator the suspect asked him to go purchase a PlayStation gift card for his nephew. The victim e-mailed his friend; however, it appears that friend’s e-mail account may have been hacked.

Neither victim suffered any financial loss. They were advised to contact their financial institutions to alert them to the scam attempts and to monitor their mail for any fraudulent account or other cozenage activity.

Sheriff Millard “Gus” Gustafson #903

Investigator T. Hanson #90310