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IRS Scam

DATE & TIME: 02-21-2019 / 10:01

LOCATION: Wymore, Nebraska


CASE #: 2019-0817

A resident of Wymore called the Gage County Sheriff’s Office and spoke to an investigator about a phone call he had received from 657-549-4195. He told the investigator two males with foreign accents told him they were officers with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and he his taxes had been improperly calculated and he owed $2,148.74. One suspect, who identified himself as “Officer Nick” badge number 550119 told him a warrant was going to be issued if he did not pay, but if he could not make that payment he could make a $200.00 installment payment using pre-paid cards from a local store. At this point the victim realized it was a scam and told the suspect he knew it was a scam. At that point the suspect hung up on him. He did not provide any personal, confidential, or financial information to the suspect, but early in the conversation did provide them with his last name and zip code.

The Wymore Police Department was notified of the call for their records. The victim did not lose any money during this incident.

With this being tax return season, the Gage County Sheriff’s Office reminds residents that the IRS will not call you and will not request payment via pre-paid cards, credit card, or over the phone. The IRS will send letters with official government letterhead. Do not provide any information to people who contact you on this type of scam. If you have questions or receive a scam phone call, letter, e-mail, or personal contact, call the local police department or call the Gage County Sheriff’s Office and ask to speak with an investigator.

Sheriff Millard “Gus” Gustafson #903

Investigator T. Hanson #90310