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Sex Offender Registration Act Violation and Arrest

DATE & TIME: 02-08-2019 @ 8:11 am

LOCATION: 1502 Scott Street, Beatrice

OFFENSE: Sex Offender Registration Act Violation and Arrest

CASE #: 2019-0359

The Gage County Sheriff’s Office received reports that Michael Gwynne Wood, age 33, was a registered sex offender and had been staying at 1502 Scott Street since Christmas 2018, but had not reported that address to the Gage County Sheriff’s Office as required by law.

An investigator and a deputy for the sheriff’s office initiated an investigation on the incident and observed Wood’s vehicle at the residence on several occasions, reviewed sex offender registration paperwork, and obtained witnesses for the case. On Friday morning, 02-08-2019, the deputy and investigator observed Michael Wood’s vehicle parked at the residence again. He then emerged from the residence, got into the vehicle and left westbound on Scott Street. The investigator followed Wood’s vehicle and radioed uniformed deputies to prepare to stop the vehicle.

Wood drove to Cedar Street and turned south on Cedar, then stopped his vehicle. Uniformed deputies from the Gage County Sheriff’s Office then arrived in marked patrol vehicles and initiated a traffic stop.  Michael Gwynne Wood was taken into custody for violation of the Nebraska Sex Offender Registration Act and taken to the Gage County jail where he was booked on the felony charge.

Wood had registered a Plymouth, Nebraska address with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office as recently as January 23, 2019, however he did not report the Beatrice address as required by law. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office was notified of this investigation and arrest for potentially filing charges in that county.

Sheriff Millard “Gus” Gustafson #903

Deputy A. Schaefer #9037

Investigator T. Hanson #90310

Deputy D. Brydl #90311