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Warranty Scam Call

DATE & TIME: 02-28-2019 @ 9:11 am

LOCATION: Liberty, Nebraska        

OFFENSE: Warranty Scam Call

CASE #: 2019-0939

A resident of rural Liberty, Nebraska notified a Gage County Sheriff’s Office investigator about receiving several calls over several days and the phone numbers always appeared to be local calls, having a Liberty, Nebraska prefix. On 02-28-2019 the number showed up as the number of one of his neighbors, so he answered the call. A female with a high pitched voice and an unidentifiable accent told him an extended warranty he had purchased was about to run out and he needed to buy an extension. He knew this was a fraud because he had not purchased any extended warranties.

The victim did not provide any personal details, confidential information, or financial information to the suspect. It is believed his number was randomly selected and the suspect did not know anything about him, including his name and address. He stated he would contact the neighbor and tell her to contact the Gage County Sheriff’s Office if she had been defrauded.

There are numerous scams going on daily throughout the United States. In some, they have some basic information about the victim, but con them into providing confidential or financial information by some type of a ruse or chicanery, i.e. pretending they are a family member who is in trouble, telling the victim a warrant will be issued unless they pay right away, or telling the victim they have won the lottery, but need a fee of some sort paid in order to collect.

The Gage County Sheriff’s Office urges residents to use caution when dealing with unknown persons, whether it is on the phone, via the Internet, through the mail, or in person. Red flags that the contact is a scam include, but are not limited to: Requiring secrecy, payment in a non-traditional method such as gift cards, being threatened with arrest or a warrant, immediate action is required, and not letting you contact anyone for advice. If you are in this situation, contact your local police department or call the Gage County Sheriff’s Office and ask to speak with an investigator.

Sheriff Millard “Gus” Gustafson #903

Investigator T. Hanson #90310