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Work Release

Work Release

Guidelines and requirements for the work release program at the Gage County Detention Center 





The Gage County Detention Center offers a Work Release Program and supervises that program when a sentencing court authorizes work release.  Court ordered releases are authorized by Nebraska Revised Statue 47-401 et. Seq (Reissue 1988).  Gage County Sheriff's Office staff at the Gage County Detention Center are responsible for monitoring all court work releases administered through this facility.  The Gage County Detention Center must also, by law, review these court ordered release applications submitted and recommended that the sentencing court either approve or deny the application.


To be eligible for work release you must meet the following minimum requirements:


  • You must be sentenced to a term of incarceration by a Gage County Court;
  • You must be employed in Gage County, Nebraska;
  • Your maximum workday must not exceed 12 hours drive time included;
  • You must have reliable transportation directly to and from your jobsite;
  • You must agree to travel directly to and from your jobsite by the most direct route and agree not to be anyplace other than your jobsite during your release without prior approval of the Gage County Sheriff or his staff;
  • You must submit to, and pass, a drug test prior to approval of your request for work release;
  • Your employer must agree to the terms of the work release program and sign your application after providing the information requested thereon;
  • Self employed applications will require proof of self-employment: you will be required to present business tax number, last year’s tax return, DBA documentation, and must have current signed job contracts to be considered;
  • You must provide written proof of Workman’s Compensation or Health Insurance prior to being allowed to leave facility for Work Release.
  • Work Release Hours are from 07:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M. ONLY!



  • You serving a sentence for escape or have previously convicted of escape;
  • You are serving a sentence for a violent offense or have previously been convicted of a violent offense;
  • You are serving a sentence for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, 3rd offense or higher;
  • You have outstanding warrants or charges pending in any jurisdiction in any court in the United States of America.
  • Your work hours are anywhere between 10:00 P.M. – 7:00 A.M.


The Gage County Sheriff and/or the Administrator of the Gage County Detention Center Corrections and/or their designee may waive these conditions and approve other work release conditions on a case by case basis.


It can take up to TWO WEEKS to process your application after it is submitted. The Sheriff will approve or deny your application, however the judge that handled your case will make the final decision to grant or deny your application for work release.


Please be advised: 

You will be charged $15.00 per day for the privilege of participating in the Work Release Program. 

That amount is to be paid at the rate of $105.00 per week whether or not you work a full week.   You will only be charged for the days that you are actually incarcerated.

You will also be charged $5.00 per day for each day you are served one or more meals at the Gage County Detention Facility.   

You are subject to alcohol and drug testing.  The charge for each urine test is $25.00 and will be added to your work release bill. 

Failure of a drug test or refusal of a drug test will automatically remove you from the work release program.  All work release fees will be paid prior to being released for work release. 

Work release fees are due on Friday, by 1:00 pm.  If they are not paid, you will not be released for work the next week.


If your application is denied, you will be notified in writing.  A second application may be submitted after 30 days after the date of denial.  No more than two applications can be submitted.


I have read and understand the terms of the Work Release Program administered by the Gage County Detention Center that are stated in this document. 


__________________________________________                                    ___________________

Inmate Signature                                                                               Date



__________________________________________                                    ____________________

Witness                                                                                               Date








































Work release comes with the responsibility of your own health care.  The Detention Center will no longer be responsible for any cost regarding physician or dental visits or medications.  This would include acetaminophen for headache, etc.  You may purchase your own over the counter medication from commissary.




Routine medication such as blood pressure pills, heart medication, etc. that you might be taking will be set up for you pursuant to Gage County Detention Center policies just as it would be if you were placed in general population.  If you need a routine medication while at work, it will be your responsibility.




If you need to see your physician or dentist, do the following:


  1. Make an appointment with them for a specific date and time between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
  2. Arrange your transportation for the appointment; and
  3. Submit an inmate request form with the following information:

Name of doctor and clinic;

Time and date of appointment; and

Name of person taking and picking you up.


An appointment usually cannot be approved in one hour so make sure you plan enough time so the approval can be obtained from the proper authorities in the Detention Center.




If you are injured at your work setting you need to do the following:


  1. Inform your supervisor and allow them to decide if they want you seen at the clinic or the emergency room.  You have workman’s comp (this is a requirement for work release) so your medical injury at work will be covered by this insurance.
  2. You will also need to inform Gage County Detention staff that you had an injury; they in turn will notify the nurse.

If the physician orders you to be off work for a period of time due to the injury, then the orders will be followed and you will have to inform your employer when you will return.


I have read and understand the guidelines for medical issues as outlined above.


___________________________________                                                   ______________________

Inmate Signature                                                                                         Date


__________________________________                                          ______________________

Witness                                                                                                 Date







  1. I understand that I will pay Work Release fees in advance at a rate of $15.00 per day for seven (7) days a week in a lump sum of $105.00 regardless if I am working every day or not.  Full payment is due no later than 1 hour prior to my release for work each Monday.  Failure to keep current on each week’s fees may result in removal from the Work Release Program.  Any suspension or revocation from the Work Release Program will result in the loss of those fees paid.


  1. I understand all wages paid to me must be in the form of a check from my employer and include deductions, numbers of hours worked, and pay per hour.  A copy of my pay stub must be turned into the Work Release Administrator at the end of each pay period.


  1. I agree not to enter into any contracts or to make any purchases while on Work Release not previously authorized by the Jail Administrator or the Sheriff in writing.


  1. I will be responsible for medical and dental expenses unless otherwise determined by the Gage County Sheriff.


  1. I understand that the maximum number of scheduled hours away from the jail will not exceed twelve (12) hours in any one given day including drive time to and from my job site.


  1. I understand and agree to contact the Work Release Administrator at least 24 hours in advance of any changes in my work schedule.  All needed changes in work release schedules must be in writing from the employer.  My employer may be contacted at any time to verify my hours, locations, and future schedules.  I also understand and agree that any changes in work hours or shifts are subject to the approval of the Jail Administrator


  1. I agree to return to the Gage County Detention Center by the time specified by the Work Release agreement.  I understand that failing to return to the Detention Center at the specified time constitutes the crime of ESCAPE (a Class IV Felony) and I will be prosecuted for that offense and my work release privilege will be terminated immediately.


  1. I will have reliable transportation directly to and from the Gage County Detention Center to my place of employment.  I will not drive or ride in any vehicle without prior permission from the Work Release Administrator.  I will not ride in or drive any vehicle that is not properly licensed, insured or unsafe.


  1. I agree to take the most direct route from the Detention Center to my place of employment and back to the Detention Center and understand that any deviation from the most direct route could result in immediate termination of my work release and/or criminal prosecution.


  1. I agree to be nowhere other than my place of employment during the hours I am out on work release.  I understand that if I am found somewhere other than my place of employment during those hours I will be charged with ESCAPE (a Class IV Felony) and my work release privilege will be terminated immediately.


  1. I agree to comply with all local, state, and federal laws.


  1. I agree to immediately report any law violation or contact I may have with law enforcement while on the Work Release Program.


  1. I agree not to consume any alcoholic beverages, narcotics, marijuana, or drugs other than those prescribed by a physician for my use.


  1. I agree not to enter into any establishment that sells alcoholic beverages while out on work release. 


  1. I agree not to visit or allow anyone to visit me during my release unless necessary for the purpose of employment.


  1. I agree not to make any phone calls or any form of communication that is not connected with my employment while away from the Detention Center.


  1. I agree not to send or receive any personal mail that is not connected with my employment while away from the Detention Center.


  1. I understand that I will be searched by corrections personnel each and every time when entering or exiting the facility.  This will include a complete strip search of my person.


  1. I will not bring any items, which could be considered contraband, into the Detention Center. (Tobacco, drugs, tools, pocket knives or potential weapons into the facility.)


  1. I understand that the Work Release Administrator or Sheriff’s Designee will conduct spot checks on me during my release.


  1. I agree to a search of my person and/or my physical surroundings, which are under my control at any time while on the Work Release Program by any of the Sheriff’s Office employees or any law enforcement officer.


  1. I understand I am subject to random drug testing of my breath, blood or urine to determine alcoholic content or drug intake.  Each drug test of my blood or urine will be at my expense at a rate of $24.00.  This fee must be paid prior to continuing on the Work Release Program.  Failure or refusal to submit to drug testing will be grounds for removal from the Work Release Program.


  1. I understand that if I violate any of the rules or conditions of this agreement, I will be removed form the Work Release Program by the Sheriff or Corrections Director and I may be subject to additional legal prosecution under the Statutes of the State of Nebraska, local and/or federal law.



I have read and understood the Work Release Program Rules and Guidelines as outlined above.



________________________________________                ________________________

Inmate Signature                                                                   Date


________________________________________                ________________________

Witness                                                                                   Date








General Information


Name: _____________________________________________________________________

            Last                             First                    Middle Initial                             Maiden


AKAs: _____________________________________________________________________


Address: ___________________________________________________________________

                        Residence                                            City                 State                Zip


Home Phone #: (____) _______________      Other Phone (____) __________________


Social Security #: ___________________      Date of Birth: ___________________________


Race: ____    Age: ____   Sex: ___   Height: ____    Weight: ____    Hair: ____    Eyes: _____


Scars, Marks, Tattoos: ________________________________________________________


Marital Status: ______________________   Number of Children/Dependents: ________


Spouse/Partner’s Name: ___________________ Their Date of Birth: ___________________


Currently Paying Child Support: _________                       Monthly Payment: ______________


Currently Under Protection Order: _________       County Issued: __________________


Protected Parties: ____________________________________________________________

                              (Primary Party)                (Relationship)                         (Date Expires)



Driver’s Information:


Operator’s License Status:   Valid: ____     Suspended/Revoked: ____     Expired: _______


Operator’s License State and Number: ___________________________________________


Vehicle Description: __________________________________________________________


License Plate #: ________________    State of Issuance: ____________________________


Name of Insurance Company (if driving): _________________________________________








Court Information


Sentencing Court: ____________________      Sentencing Judge: _________________


Date of Sentencing: ____________     Charge(s): __________________________________


Class (Fel./Misd.): _____________     Length of Sentence (Month & Days): _____________


Number of Days Served: ______________   Projected Release Date: __________________


Any Charges Pending: _______       Where: ______________________________________



Date Work release would start  _______________________________________________


Work Release Information


Have you ever been on work release in the Gage County Detention Center or any other jail or correctional facility in the past?   _____YES     _____NO


If yes, was your work release ever terminated?  _________  If yes, why was the work release terminated:     ____________________________________________________________________




Employer: ____________________________________________________________________


Employer’s Address: ___________________________________________________________


Business Phone: ___________________________   Time Employed: _____F/T ____P/T __


Type of Work: _________________________________________________________________


Location of Workplace: _________________________________________________________


Supervisor’s Name: _____________________________ Contact Phone #: _______________


Rate of Pay: ______per ________                 Pay Periods:   Weekly    Bi-Wk   Monthly










Scheduled Days




Start Time:

End Time:

Travel Time:

Contact Person:


















































           You are not allowed out of the Detention Center longer than 12 hours a day.





Past Employment:


  1. _______________________________________________________________________

(Business Name)                                   (Started-Ended)                    (Reason for Leaving)



  1. _______________________________________________________________________

(Business Name)                                     (Started-Ended)          (Reason for Leaving)



  1. _______________________________________________________________________

(Business Name)                                      (Started-Ended)         (Reason for Leaving)       



Transportation to and from Work:


  1. ______________________________________________________________________

(Name)                       (Relationship)             (State Lic. Issued)                   (Date of Birth)


  1. ______________________________________________________________________

(Name)                       (Relationship)             (State Lic. Issued)                   (Date of Birth)


  1. ______________________________________________________________________

(Name)                       (Relationship)             (State Lic. Issued)                   (Date of Birth)























THE STATE OF NEBRASKA                        )                 CASE NO:

                                                       Plaintiff,   )




_________________________________,     )

                                                  Defendant,   )




  1. Name of employer: _________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                       Phone Number________________________________________

      Address: __________________________________________________________________

  1. Length of employment prior to submission of application: _______________________
  2. Approximate take-home pay: $____________________ per _______________________
  3. The employer agrees to employ the above defendant during the hours specified and advise the Gage County Sheriff of any breach of the Order of Work Release. The employer will furnish the Sheriff with a statement showing the hours worked each Friday.
  4. The defendant ( is  /   is not   ) provided with Workmen’s Compensation insurance for any job related injury.                   (Circle one)


      ________________________________________                  _____________________________________

      Employer                                   Date                                Applicant/Defendant            Date




  1. I request to be released from jail at ________ o’clock _____.m. and agree to return not later than ______ o’clock ____.m. We do not allow work release on weekends or holidays.
  2. I have displayed a valid Nebraska driver’s license to the Sheriff.

      (   ) Yes                  (   ) No

      ___________________                              _________________________

      State                                                         Number


  1. The defendant further understands and agrees to the following terms and conditions.

(a)  The defendant shall proceed directly to the place of employment and upon leaving the place of employment, return directly to the Gage County Detention Facility.

(b)  The defendant shall pay $5.00 per day for each day (s)he is served one or more meals at the Gage County Detention Facility.

(c)  The defendant shall not violate any laws of the State of Nebraska or any city ordinances, or any jail regulations.

(d)(  )   The defendant shall not leave the premises of employment except to return to the Gage County Detention Facility upon the completion of the work day by the most direct route.

            (  )  Lunch will be taken at the job site.

            (  )  Lunch will be taken at ________________________________________________

(  )  The defendant shall keep the Jail Director or Designee advised of his/her whereabouts if employment is not at a permanent place and notify the Sheriff’s dispatcher of any change in his/her whereabouts at his/her expense.

(e)  The defendant shall not introduce contraband or prohibited items into the facility or transmit any messages or items to other prisoners.

(f)  The defendant shall provide his or her own transportation to and from employment and shall advise the Sheriff of the license number of the vehicle so used.

(g)  The defendant shall not have in his or her possession nor be in any motor vehicle or other place in which there are alcoholic beverages or controlled substances.

(h) The defendant is not to leave Gage County, Nebraska for any reason.

  1. (a) ( ) All fines, costs, fees, and restitution are paid in full.  (Disregard b & c below)

      (b) ( ) The defendant acknowledges that the total sum of $________________ is due the court for fines, costs, fees, and restitution.  I further agree to endorse all paychecks or turn over my wages in full to the Sheriff for deposit with the Clerk of the Court.  The Clerk is authorized and directed to deduct any sums due the court from the wages received.  The defendant requests the sum of $________________ per check spending money but understands that the Court may allow a lesser amount.

      (c) ( ) The defendant does not authorize payment of wages into the Court.



___________________________________  ______________________________________

Employer                                   Date            Defendant                                           Date








I, _________________________________, have read and understand the Gage County Detention Center Work Release Program and I will adhere to the contents of the Work Release Program.  I further understand that failure to adhere to the work release program guidelines could result in termination of the program and/or criminal prosecution.



Defendant Signature


Subscribed and sworn to before me this ______ day of  _____________, 20____.



Notary Public                                                                             



My commission expires ________________.






The Gage County Sheriff:


(  )     Has no objection to work release between the hours of _______________ o’clock _____.m. and __________________ o’clock _____.m. weekends and holidays excepted.

(  )     Recommends denial of work release for the following reasons:



         Comments:  ___________________________________________________________________




(Deputy) Sheriff



The County / District Judge:


( )     Has no objection to work release.

( )     Denial of work release.

         Comments: ___________________________________________________________________




Judge’s Signature





Please download the attachment below, complete it, and return it to our office.

Work Release Form (PDF)